As a silicone processing factory, we offer a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs. Here are some of the common services we provide

Design Services

We have a professional design team capable of providing silicone product design services based on our customers’ requirements and ideas. Whether it’s starting from scratch or improving existing designs, we offer creative and technical support

Mold-making Services

We have our own mold room and possess the capability to independently design and manufacture molds. We can create molds according to our customers’ specifications, ensuring the final products meet their expectations

Silicone Molding Services

We are equipped with advanced solid-state silicone molding machines and liquid molding machines. We can perform silicone molding processes according to our customers’ requirements and product specifications. Whether it’s a simple shape or a complex structure, we can efficiently and accurately complete the molding process

Customization Services

We emphasize providing personalized customization for silicone products. We can tailor products based on our customers’ needs, including product dimensions, colors, hardness, and other requirements, to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications

Quality Control Services

We strictly adhere to quality control processes to ensure every stage meets high-quality standards. We conduct comprehensive quality inspections and tests to ensure the performance and reliability of our products

Packaging and Shipping

We offer personalized packaging solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of products during transportation. We collaborate with multiple logistics partners to provide worldwide express delivery and logistics services, ensuring timely delivery to customers

Technical Support and After-Sales Service

We provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales services to address any inquiries or issues customers may have during the silicone processing process. Our professional team is available to provide technical guidance, training, and consultation to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction

The above are some common service offerings provided by silicone processing factories. Based on specific requirements, we can provide personalized service solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and project characteristics. If you have any specific requirements or need more detailed recommendations, please feel free to let us know. We are committed to providing you with support and assistance.